Premium PR Bluestone

This is our "Premium Bluestone" sourced from one supplier for over a decade. It compares extremely well with Australian Bluestone in strength, mineral make up, appearance and performance- check the report! If you're not too "tech minded" just take a look at the "conclusion" on the report.


Test Result - Yarrabee PR vs Australian Bluestone

This is a very hard and durable natural stone. In its honed form, the surface has been sufficiently ground to remove the saw marks resulting from cutting bluestone pavers. Honed bluestone tiles are suitable for pool coping and paving, driveway paving, wall cladding, indoor flooring and wall tiling.

Natural bluestone paving remains a constantly “fashionable” and quality product, which lends itself to most situations.

Standard Sizes:
  • 600x300x20
  • 600x600x20
  • 800x400x20
  • 1000x500x20
  • Modular (Ashlar) Pattern- 804x804, 804x400, 400x400, 400x198, 198x198
  • 600x350x30 Honed edged copers
  • 600x300x30 and 800x400x30 Bullnosed copers
  • 600x350x30 with 70mm drop faced copers
  • 800x400x30 with 70mm drop faced copers
  • Rounded steppers 600 x 600 approx and 1000 x 700 approx
  • Random (crazy) paving.
  • Random Length "planks"
  • 90 x 90 x 30mm tumbled cobblestone
Other sizes to order. Please phone to confirm current stock availability.
Why this product?
  • Extremely hard wearing and durable
  • Compares very favourably with Australian Bluestone
  • Available in a range of size options
  • Available in a number of thickness options
  • Available in 30mm bullnosed and square edged coping
  • Available in “drop faced” profile
  • An elegant and long term paving option
Honed bluestone is great for:
  • Paving
    There are a number of projects that can benefit from honed bluestone, notably outdoor paving for patios and paths.
  • Pool Coping
    This is one of the more popular materials for pool coping, as it is non-slip and can withstand a harsh salt environment.
  • Driveways
    This material is a perfect choice for driveways and walkways, as it is a particularly hard and durable material.
  • Wall Cladding
    This is a popular material for feature walls, but it can also be put to use on the façade of your home or entry pillars.
  • Internal Flooring
    This bluestone can also be put to use indoors – particularly popular locations include the entertaining rooms such as pool rooms and bars.
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