Using natural stone Part 2

With Using natural stone as part of your landscaping design Part 1, we introduced some ideas for incorporating natural stone products like sandstone, and bluestone into your landscaping needs and using them to give your garden a fresh look.

Now we’ll take a look at some style decisions you can make with your project to help you narrow down what kind of stone and the type of design that will best suit the space you have to work with. The first important style choice you have to make is whether you’d like your natural stone design to reflect an Eastern or Western tradition of stone-work.

In general the Western tradition is more stylised and complex, making use of raised flowerbeds and the more manicured style of stone landscaping common in older estates and gardens of Continental Europe. The Eastern style on the other hand takes a more organic approach, and the intention is to create a look that seems natural and understated. The style that you go with will obviously be influenced by your space and your budget.

Also don’t be afraid to consult your natural stone supplier for hints and tips about making the best use of their products in your garden.

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