Using natural stone - Part 1

Employing the use of natural stone products is a simple way to transform the look of your garden and give it a stylish and sophisticated finish. With so many types of natural stone to choose from - sandstone, bluestone, travertine, limestone, granite and Castlemaine slate – you can easily incorporate them into your landscaping design.

The first step is to take a good look around your property and identify what areas of your space and what features of your garden could be improved with the addition of some natural stone. To create the ideal balance you should try to make your choices both functional, and practical for the space you plan to redesign.

Practical uses of stone that are also great to look at include:

- Stone paving
- Pool coping/edging
- Dry stone walling
- Stone cladding

The key with any natural stone project is to be creative with the time, the space and the budget that you have available to you. In Using natural stone as part of your landscaping design Part 2 we’ll look at some more specific ideas that you can use to breathe some life into your garden or outdoor space with natural stone.

For more information on natural stone products such as sandstone, travertine, bluestone, Castlemaine slate and limestone, contact Yarrabee & Castlemaine Stone Solutions today.