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Benefits of buying stone from a quality stone supplier

Stone suppliers have many products available for paving or flooring and it is often difficult to identify the qualities of one type of paving against the other.

Natural stone paving and flooring is both attractive and extremely durable.

Natural colours within the stone are permanent and can even be enhanced by sealing with an appropriate sealer. Together with the inherent and unique beauty of natural products, the endless range of colours and textures available ensures a stunning picture is created in any application.

The thermal qualities of stone allow the stone to maintain heat, resulting in a warmer feel under foot than a ceramic tile which does not have such thermal properties.

Its solid structure means that even if chipped, the same colour will be seen within the stone as seen on the surface- not so if a ceramic tile is chipped.

And most importantly, stone will weather the storm, be it inside or out, offering a lifetime of attractive service.