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How To Remove Rust From Sandstone

Even though sandstone itself does not rust, if metal items that are rusty are placed on top of sandstone for an extended amount of time, the corrosion can be transferred to the stone’s surface where it becomes ingrained and very difficult to remove. This can be a common problem for sandstone located in kitchens and bathrooms, where metal and moisture will often meet. If rust has managed to seep into your sandstone surfaces, there is an easy way to remove it.

Take a sponge, dampen it and apply a few drops of a mild dishwashing detergent to its surface. Use it to wipe at the rust stain on the sandstone. If the stain is fresh, this alone can often be enough to completely remove it. If the stain is older, however, additional cleaning will be needed.

Dampen the rust stain on the sandstone with distilled water. Mix together a poultice of diatomaceous earth and a commercial rust remover until a thick paste has formed. Apply this poultice directly onto the sandstone’s rust stain, ensuring it is about half an inch thick and that you cover the entire stain. Lay a piece of plastic wrap over this area to allow it to dry slowly.

Once the poultice has dried, use a plastic scraper to remove it from the sandstone’s surface. Wipe it down with a sponge that has been dampened with clean water, then dry it with a clean cloth. Make sure that you have removed the rusty item from the sandstone’s surface otherwise the stain will just return or will appear in another place.