How To Repair Loose Pavers

Pavers are an attractive addition to your property in the way of paths and driveways, but they are prone to becoming loose over time, posing a serious trip hazard if they aren’t fixed. Loose pavers can also appear lopsided, which can ruin the uniform appearance of your home. Once you have properly repaired the offending stones, however, your paths and driveways will be looking even and attractive once more.

Remove each of the loose pavers from your path or driveway, using a flat-head screwdriver to lever them out if you cannot get your fingers underneath. It is always best to set the paver close by to its corresponding hole to ensure that it goes back into the right place.

Pour around one cup of sand into each of the gaps, pushing it around with your hand to level it out. You can then replace the pavers back into their corresponding holes. Rock each stone back and forth with your hand or foot to determine whether it is still loose; add additional sand to the holes of offending stones. Repeat this process until the paver no longer moves when touched.

Sprinkle sand over the top of the pavers that you have just repaired and use a broom to sweep it into the gaps around the edges of the adjoining stones. If there is any excess sand leftover, simply sweep it away from the pavers or into any gaps that you happen to notice in your path or driveway.

Loose pavers do not have to be repaired all at once – if one particular stone is bothering you, take five minutes out of your day to quickly fix it up, and attend to the remaining loose pavers at a time that better suits you.