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How To Remove Oil Stains From Sandstone

People will often use sandstone tiles in their kitchens, patios and even on their driveways because the stone is very aesthetically appealing and is highly durable. Unfortunately, sandstone is also a very porous stone and, if oil from cooking or your car is spilled onto its surface, it will stain very easily. It is possible to remove an oil stain from your sandstone tiles, but it is always best to get onto it as soon as possible.

Quickly soak up as much oil as you can. Place an old towel over the sandstone and allow it to soak up the liquid. Do not try to wipe the stain up, as this will only push the oil into the sandstone and make it much harder to get out. Then, sprinkle some corn flour, talcum powder or cat litter over the stain to draw out any oil that has already started to soak into the sandstone. Leave the stone to sit like this for 15 minutes before wiping up with a damp towel.

how to remove oil from indian sandstone patio

Put a little household detergent onto the sandstone (being sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in case you need to mix it with anything) and scrub with a hard bristled brush in a circular motion until you can no longer see the oil stain. To finish, you will need to carefully rinse the stone. If your sandstone is outdoors (on a patio or driveway) spray it with the hose, but if it’s indoors use a wet towel.

You may find that you need to repeat the detergent process once or twice, especially if the stain is an older one. However, by keeping at it you can help to ensure that your sandstone remains clean and stain free for years to come.