Where to Use Pavers in the Home

Pavers are surprisingly multi-purpose and can be used in many areas around the home: on external pathways and steps, in bathrooms, surrounding pools, in outdoor living and entertainment areas, on external feature walls and even more. Each of these applications require differing properties, such as strength, colour, durability or ease of maintenance. Here is a guide on choosing the best pavers for different locations around the home, whether you are looking to make a stunning impression, or simply make the most functional choice.

Pathways: Durable pavers are needed for outdoor pathways to withstand the effects of the weather, such as rain or hail, as well as frequent traffic. Limestone is a natural choice and is available in greys, blues or beiges. Sealing layers are often necessary to protect from the weather and to keep your pavers looking fresh.

Pools: Pavers chosen to surround pools need to serve strict aesthetic and functional requirements. A quality pool needs to be framed in style and safety, and natural stone can form the perfect understated blend of form and function. Pavers to be put in pool areas need to be non-slip, for the safety of swimmers, and salt and chemical tolerant, for the durability of the pool. Limestone, slate and sandstone are just some of the options for pools.

Walls: Pavers can also be used vertically to make a striking feature wall, adding interest to any outdoor setting. Pavers are also used in water features as an attractive and durable background surface. Cracked marble is available in grooved and hand textured finishes and is a lovely tactile material.