Sinai Limestone Baton

grey limestone pavers

Timeless elegance in every baton


Sinai Limestone, available in a convenient baton size of 200 x 50 x 20mm, offers the same sandblasted light grey stone beauty, making it ideal for various outdoor applications. This limestone has undergone a tumbling process to impart a sense of age and character, enhancing its inherent tonal variations. With outstanding slip resistance and a pleasant texture underfoot, Sinai Limestone is the perfect choice for transforming your outdoor spaces. Whether you're designing a stylish poolside retreat or a charming patio area, Sinai Limestone in this compact size is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

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Sinai limestone is laid in large scale floor display in our showroom - come in to see it up close and pick up a free sample!

The Beauty of Sinai Limestone

  • Beautiful grey tones
  • Salt and slip safe
  • Plenty of character through the stone
  • Lovely and cool on the feet around the pool
  • Sandblasted & tumbled finish

Baton Sizing

200 x 50 x 20 mm

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