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Why You Need Yarrabee & Castlemaine For Travertine, Bluestone And Sandstone In Bayside

Do you live in the Bayside area and are you on the lookout for quality natural stones that you can use in a home improvement project? Yarrabee & Castlemaine is more than happy to provide you with whatever you need for your project to be a success, from travertine and bluestone to sandstone. Our team is highly experienced with all of the materials that we stock and is more than happy to offer you recommendations and advice.

Contrary to popular belief, travertine is actually a member of the limestone family. It is known for its durability and interesting natural appearance, making it suitable for a wide range of Bayside applications. Our travertine, sourced direct from Turkey, is currently available in two standard forms – 'honed and unfilled' if you want a smooth surface for indoors and 'tumbled unfilled' if you like the natural look.

sandstone bayside

Bluestone, on the other hand, is known for its timeless aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance and durability. It is probably our most popular material when it comes to pool coping because it provides a non-slip surface and is able to withstand a harsh salt environment. We have also found that our bluestone is a popular material for those elegant areas within Bayside homes, including entry ways, foyers and driveways.

travertine bayside

Finally, sandstone is known for its non-slip surfaces, salt tolerance and aesthetic appeal. We quite often recommend it to Bayside homes that are located quite close to the coast, as it will not succumb to the effects of salt-laden winds. We have split our sandstone into three categories – desert sand, pink blush and golden dunes – but we can arrange other colours with prior notice if you have something special in mind.

stone pavers Bayside

Yarrabee & Castlemaine is eager to assist customers from the Bayside area who are looking for high quality natural stones for an upcoming home improvement project. We stock a wide range of products – some of the more popular being travertine, bluestone and sandstone – and we are able to help you decide which will be best suited to your application. Please give us a call today to discuss your project further or to learn more.