Looking For Stone Suppliers In Hawthorn? Choose Yarrabee & Castlemaine For Bluestone And Travertine

Have you been searching for a reputable stone supplier in the Hawthorn area but have so far come up short? Yarrabee & Castlemaine is able to service all areas of Melbourne, including this one, and are eager to provide you with the products that you so desire. Whether you are looking for some timeless bluestone or some durable travertine, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place and that you will be able to find the perfect solution.

The Yarrabee & Castlemaine team is proud to boast over 30 years experience as stone suppliers in the Hawthorn area. We are also proud to be the owners of Melbourne's best stone showroom and offer the best range of products to our customers. We only employ helpful staff who will take an interest in your project, as opposed to other suppliers who are only interested in taking your money, and will offer plenty of advice and suggestions.

You might like to browse our range of bluestone, which is said to be a timeless material that never goes out of fashion. We regularly recommend this product because of its aesthetic appeal, durability and easy to maintain nature – all elements that Hawthorn homeowners are looking for. We have found that our bluestone is perfectly suited to outdoor applications, especially pool coping and edging, because it offers a non-slip surface.

You might like to browse our range of travertine, which is renowned for its durability. We regularly recommend this product for a range of indoor and outdoor applications in Hawthorn because it is so versatile. Our travertine has been sourced directly from Turkey and our customers can choose between two standard forms – "honed and filled", which has all of the natural voids filled, and "tumbled unfilled", which displays the natural characteristics.

If you have been searching for a stone supplier in the Hawthorn area but have so far been unsuccessful, you should consider Yarrabee & Castlemaine. We are committed to providing our customers with the very best materials currently available, as well as offering advice and suggestions wherever needed. We stock a wide range of products, including exceptional bluestone and travertine, and are eager to help you with your project.