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Top Four Trends in External Wall Cladding

External wall cladding can be a great way to brighten up the outside of your house, adding unique charm or bringing it up to date with the rest of your garden and interiors. External coverings are available in a huge number of different materials, such as metal sheeting, composite panels, plastic panels, concrete sheeting, natural stone cladding and timber. Here are some of the latest trends in external wall cladding for any surface around the house.

Dark Stones and Bright Flowers
No part of the garden is really finished without planting some bright and cheery flowers. Try using dark toned natural stone pavers on the external walls of your home, coupled with bright and formal tulips or other annuals.

Dark Stones and Bright Doors
If your thumb isn't green enough for planting annuals, you can always use dark stone wall cladding around a vibrantly colored front door for a fantastic effect that is both impressive and welcoming. One benefit of this trend is that the natural stone and bright paint combination work just as well on retro style houses as the most contemporary house designs.

Make it the Focal Point
External wall cladding isn't just used to hide old brickwork any more, but is instead used to jazz up a surface, transforming it from bland and boring to a major feature in the landscape. Natural stone pavers are available in textured and sculptural shapes to provide a fascinating backdrop to outdoor dinner parties and everyday living.

Glass Tiles
While not as sturdy as natural stone, glass tiles used for external cladding can have a great visual effect. Use glass tiles in mosaic designs in entertainment areas to add a touch of polish.