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How To Spot A Bad Granite Supplier

When doing a home renovation, it is important to use the best quality stone available to ensure that your project is durable and long lasting. But, when using granite, how do you know which suppliers to avoid?

If you buy low quality stone from a granite supplier, you will find it is able to be easily scratched and becomes more pitted over time. It is also possible for the stone to twist and even for it to break during or after the installation. All these issues are costly and time consuming, so this is why it is important to find a good granite supplier first time around.

So, how do you spot a bad granite supplier?

  • Check for hairline cracks in the stone. Most granite will have a few of these, but the better quality stones won’t have many. Hairline cracks will weaken the granite considerably.
  • Check the thickness of the stone. Poor quality granite can have an inconsistent thickness that will put your surface on an angle.
  • Check the stone polishing. Instead of being done properly, suppliers may spray on a wax that is generally used on low quality granite. You can check for this, as it scratches off with a coin.
  • Check the hardness of the granite. Ask the supplier for a sample and try to mark it with a kitchen knife. If it makes an indentation, the supplier is selling poor quality stone.
  • Check the stone for pitting. All granite will have some form of this, but the best quality stones will have fewer and smaller holes than poor quality. You can check this by looking at the reflection of light on the surface.
  • Check the grain of the stone. A good granite supplier will let you choose your own slab, so that you can make sure the colour is consistent from one end to the other.
  • Check the customer service history of the supplier. Can you find out if there have been any complaints about the service of the granite supplier or of the quality? What kinds of guarantees does the supplier have, and how do they handle complaints? It’s also a good idea to ask how long the granite supplier has been in business.