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Repairing A Chipped Granite Countertop

Whilst granite is a very popular choice for kitchen countertops due to the fact that it is easy to clean, does not retain bacteria and are resistant to burn marks, the stone can occasionally become chipped. While this doesn’t have any bearing on the integrity or durability of your granite countertop, many homeowners do like to repair chips for aesthetic reasons.

Step 1: Give the chip and surrounding area a thorough clean using a sponge that has been dipped into warm soapy water. You need to make sure that there is no debris or grease residue on the damaged granite area.

Step 2: Using a clean towel, thoroughly dry the countertop and leave to dry for about an hour. Make sure that you check that the granite is completely dry before continuing.

Step 3: Take some masking tape and mark the area that needs to be prepared. If there are any nearby surfaces that need to be protected, such as power outlets, tape over them, too.

Step 4: Mix together the granite epoxy resin and hardener whilst wearing a pair of gloves. Then, apply the mixture to the chips in the countertop, using a razor blade to clean off any excess.

Step 5: Leave the epoxy mixture to dry completely. This will take about an hour in most cases, but you should always check the accompanying instructions to make sure.

Once you have filled in all of the chips in your granite countertop, it is recommended that you apply a sealer to the surface sometime during the next 24 hours. This will ensure that your stone is protected from further chipping, as well as ensuring that the epoxy appears no different from the surrounding granite.