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How To Protect Your Granite Countertop From Damage

Having granite countertops in your kitchen is a wise investment – by caring for your countertops, you can ensure that they last for decades and that they don’t look any older than they did when first installed. By using the below tips and instructions, you can ensure that your granite is well protected against any damage it might be subjected to:

  • Make sure that the cabinetry supporting the countertop is strong and sturdy enough to support the stone, which can break easily if dropped.
  • Once the countertop has been installed, apply a few coats of a high quality granite sealer to its surface. Once the sealer is dry, buff it with a rough cloth to enhance its shine.
  • Whenever spills occur, wipe them up straight away. As granite is porous, it will soak up any liquids that are left on its surface for too long (even if sealed).
  • Give your countertop a regular clean using a mild antibacterial cleaning solution. Never use caustic or abrasive cleaners, as this can eat through the sealer.
  • Whenever you’re cooking with oil or oily foods, use a cutting board or sheet of wax paper on the stone. Oil will stain granite, regardless of whether it has been sealed or not, and the stains are difficult to remove.
  • Take off your diamond rings and jewellery before cooking, as these precious stones are capable of chipping into the granite.

Protecting your new granite countertops from damage should be one of your highest priorities – you have just forked out a considerable amount of money for the stone, so you don’t want to have to pay for repairs any time soon. Make sure that you follow each of the above tips and your countertops will be around for years to come.