How To Polish Travertine Pavers

There is nothing quite like a newly polished travertine floor – the shiny surface is very attractive and can make a whole room feel new. But aesthetics are not the only reason that you should polish your travertine pavers, as the stone is much more porous than granite and marble so it does need to be polished on a regular basis to protect it against staining and other damage.

Begin by washing the travertine thoroughly with a power washer, using a pH-neutral cleaner and then rinsing with clean water. You will also need to wipe up the water before moving onto the next section of travertine. Next, you can polish the pavers with an electric floor polisher (which is available to rent).

Start with a sandpaper that has a fairly rough grade, such as 120 grit, and polish the entire travertine surface. Then, move onto finer grades of sandpaper, polishing the floor fully with each level of grit.

Next, you will need to buff the travertine with steel wool to achieve that high-gloss shine it is known for. Attach a proper steel wool pad to the electric floor polisher that is of 000 grade. Once you have run this over the entire travertine surface, check to see how shiny it is. If you would like more shine, wet the floor with clean water and buff again with the same grade of steel wool.

Allow the floor to dry completely, then apply a sealant that is suitable for use on travertine floors. Leave the first coat to dry for around half an hour, apply a second coat and leave it to dry again. For best results in your travertine floor polishing job, do not attempt to walk on the stone for around forty-eight to seventy-two hours.