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How To Grow Moss Between Your Pavers

Whilst many people want to prevent moss from growing between their pavers, others will want to find ways to encourage the plant life to grow and flourish, as it provides a living greenery to your pavers that requires very little in the way of maintenance. Whether you want to grow moss to add a sense of age to your pavers or you simply like how it looks, here’s how to do it:

Begin by weeding the spaces between your pavers to remove any grass or other growths. Try to pull these plants up by the roots wherever possible to prevent them from growing back. Next, you will need to run the tip of a trowel through these spaces to provide a trench in which to plant the moss. You will need to remove around 1 inch of sand or soil between each paver.

Pour about half an inch of garden soil into these trenches, watering the pavers thoroughly so that the soil is moist. Take the moss that you have purchased from your local nursery and cut into thin strips so that each fits snugly between the pavers. Press the moss firmly into the trenches; don’t worry if you seem to flatten the stems, as they will repair themselves quickly.

Finish by watering the pavers and continue to water them every day for three to five weeks to ensure that the moss takes to the soil. Only use enough water to get the moss thoroughly moist, as too much will cause the plants to wash away. You should ensure that you choose a moss that will thrive amongst pavers, such as rock cap, Irish, cushion or hair cap moss.