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How To Keep Natural Stone Pavers Looking Good?

If you are thinking about using stone pavers in an upcoming project, such as the creation of a brand new patio area or renovating a bathroom, you might be a little worried about discolouration. Whilst this is a real problem for manmade paving products (such as concrete), it is something that you won’t really have to worry about when dealing with natural stone.

What can lead the pavers to become dirty?
Let’s face it – anything that is outside is going to get dirty. Dust and dirt are simply part of the atmosphere – rain and wind can contain dirt and other unwanted debris, animals and birds are prone to doing their business wherever they feel like it, and even us humans have been known to accidentally spill something. It’s how we tackle this dirt that makes all the difference.

How can I clean my pavers?
The easiest way to clean your stone pavers is to simply give them a thorough sweep, removing any leaves, dirt and other debris that has managed to settle on the surface. The great thing about natural stone is that it will also release most stains with a pressure wash – whilst we don’t recommend leaving a spill unattended, you can rest assured it will wash away effortlessly.

Is there any way to make cleaning easier?
To make your pavers even easier to clean, we recommend sealing with a suitable natural stone sealer. Outdoors, slip resistance is essential, which is why we recommend a penetrating sealer. These products will leave the stone looking totally natural (with no shine or colour change), whilst leaving the surface just as slip resistant as it was before the sealer was applied.

After your pavers have been sealed, you will find that any spillages can be hosed away even easier than before. The other bonus of penetrating sealers is that they allow the stone to “breath”, meaning that any moisture coming up from the base won’t be trapped underneath the coating (which is what will happen when a topical or surface sealer has been used).

Whilst you don’t have to do much to keep stone pavers looking good, we do recommend ensuring that they are regularly cleaned and that you have sealed them to make cleaning even easier. If you would like more advice on cleaning your pavers or on choosing a suitable sealer for your area, please contact the helpful Yarrabee team – we’re happy to be of assistance!

Erwin Michel from Spickle Cleaning and Sealing is our recommended Sealing & Cleaning Professional.  Please phone Erwin on 1300 22 00 45 or spickle.com.au for a quote. Sometimes its best left to the professionals and let them manage this process, it’s a cost effective treatment but can be costly if mistakes are made.