Sitella Limestone

limestone from spain

A light grey Spanish Limestone for inside and out


Sitella Limestone is a premium natural stone that's as durable as it is stunning. With beautiful light grey tones and a unique mottled texture, it's a versatile and resistant to paving capable of handling solid wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Available in an antiqued finish and a honed finish, there is an option for both indoor and outdoor uses.  Sitella's natural thermal properties keep indoor spaces cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Sitella limestone is laid in large scale display in our showroom - come in for a free sample!

The Beauty of Sitella Limestone

  • Flows brilliantly from inside to out
  • Beautiful soft grey colour
  • Minimal surface flaws
  • Slip safe
  • Lovely and cool on the feet around the pool

Standard Sizes

Tiles / Pavers
900 x 600 x 20 mm (antique finish)
900 x 600 x 20 mm (honed finish)
Square Edge / Step Tread Copers
900 x 400 x 30 mm
Dropface Copers
900 x 400 x 30 mm coper with 50 mm drop face

Sitella must be dip sealing in a suitable stone consolidator for use around a salt clorinated swimming pool.
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Technical Resources

Product Snapshot

  • Premium limestone
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Matching pool coping
  • Suitable for salt environments
  • Available with and without pre-dipped sealed

Sitella Specification   Installation, Care & Maintenance Guide

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