Pool Skimmer Lids

Pool Skimmer
Pool Skimmer Lid

Elegant Finish

A totally integrated and flush finish means the Skimmer Lid Cover is essentially invisible

Pool Skimmer Lid Kit

Easy Use

Skimmer Lid Covers are compact and super easy to use

Pool Skimmer Price

Pool Safe

100% compliant with Pool Safety standards

Pool Skimmer Basket

Long Life

Protect the inlay materials from chipping or breaking for the life of the pool

Pool Skimmer Cover

High Grade

316L marine grade stainless steel frames + 10 year warranty

pool skimmer box cover

Good Price

Skimmer Lids represent excellent value for money

Give your pool the finishing touch by installing a stainless steel Skimmer Lid.

stainless steel pool skimmer

Use a piece of the selected paving or coping stone inserted into the clever Skimmer Lid to present a seamless look to your pool edge.

Available to accommodate either 20mm or 30mm thick stone, these safe skimmer box covers use a stainless steel key to provide access, keeping inquisitive little fingers out of harm’s way.

Priced at $350 incl. GST, this product will give your pool that extra bit of elegance.

stainless steel pool skimmer basket
stainless steel pool skimmer lid
skimmer lids

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