Mist Granite

Mist Granite

Mist - an embodiment of natural allure and architectual elegance


Crafted from premium granite, Mist captivates with its tranquil palette and exquisite texture, offering a seamless blend of sophistication and durability alike.  Mist's soft, misty hues evoke a sense of serenity, lending a timeless charm to any outdoor environment.  Versatile yet distinguished, Mist granite inspires creativity and innovation in architectural design. Its understated elegance serves as a canvas for bold visions and transformative concepts, allowing architects and landscape designers to shape outdoor spaces that resonate with character and refinement.

Designed to withstand the elements, Mist granite ensures enduring beauty in the face of time and weather.  Its innate strength and resilience make it the perfect choice for a range of outdoor applications, from driveways to alftresco areas to pool surrounds.  

Elevate your outdoor aesthetic with Mist – where natural beauty meets architectural excellence, creating landscapes that inspire awe and admiration for generations to come

The Beauty of Mist Granite

  • Colour is a light cool grey
  • Available in a range of size options
  • Matching pool coping & edged coping
  • Extremely hard wearing and durable
  • Nice and cool on the feet

Standard Sizes

Tiles / Pavers
600 x 300 x 20 mm
800 x 400 x 20 mm
Square Edge / Step Tread Copers
600 x 350 x 30 mm
800 x 400 x 30 mm
Dropface Copers
600 x 350 x 30 mm coper with 70 mm drop face
800 x 400 x 30 mm coper with 70 mm drop face

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Technical Resources

Mist Granite Specification Installation, Care & Maintenance Guide

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