Graphite Granite

graphite granite paving

Beautiful and tough, Graphite ticks all the boxes


Another beautiful Granite in a dark charcoal tone. Flamed surface for great slip resistance around pools and the darker tones work well for driveway applications - hiding tyre marks often seen on lighter driveways.

The Beauty of this product

  • Extremely durable
  • A timeless colour
  • Salt and slip safe
  • Adds elegance to any project

Graphite granite is great for:

  • Paving
    Graphiite granite is perfect for any outdoor project, from paving your alfresco or patio area through to creating a pathway.
  • Pool Coping
    The gritty texture of ash granite pavers makes them ideal for use around swimming pools, as they are non-slip and resistant to saltwater.
  • Driveways
    As granite is extremely hard wearing and durable, it is the perfect choice for driveways and other areas that see regular vehicular traffic.
  • Wall Cladding
    These pavers also have myriad of uses as a wall cladding material. They are suitable for feature walls, façades, garden walls and pillars.

Standard Sizes


  • 600 x 300 x 20 mm
  • 600 x 600 x 20 mm
  • 800 x 400 x 20 mm
  • 1000 x 500 x 20 mm

Custom sizes available upon request

Square Edge Step Tread Copers

  • 600 x 350 x 30 mm
  • 800 x 400 x 30 mm

Dropface Copers

  • 600 x 350 x 30 mm tile with a 70mm drop face
  • 800 x 400 x 30 mm tile with a 70mm drop face

Technical Resources


  • Flamed finish
  • P5 slip rating
  • Suitable for salt environments

General Information & Guides

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