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The Truth about Pavers: Quality, Durability, and Everlasting Beauty

Whether you’re installing a walkway to your pool or re-landscaping your entire backyard, pavers are a great way to combine function and beauty for your property - and they’ll keep your feet from getting muddy. No matter what the material, if you choose quality paving for your home, you can be sure that they’ll not only last well and look amazing, but a gorgeous yard will add to your home's resale value in the future.

What can I use pavers for?
Our pavers are perfect for all of your outdoor projects. Many homeowners seek to add charm to their properties by laying paving stones on their driveways, patios, walkways and pool surrounds. You could even use pavers, such as those in our granite range, for a feature wall on the façade of your home. This style is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any property.

Should I invest in quality?
With professional installation, quality paving will last decades. We recommend laying them over a concrete base and into a wet mortar. This will not only hold them in place well into the future, it will provide them with added resistance against damage. Their strength ensures they can carry heavy loads, making them perfect for driveways and heavy traffic areas. Their timeless appearance ensures that they are always in style - which is perfect, considering their long life.

Will they last?
Because of their strength, you can be confident that your natural stone pavers will stand up to almost anything. Infact, paving has been dated back to the Roman Empire, when stones were used for streets and walkways. Those same cobblestone streets are still in use today, which is a true testament to their longevity.

Will they look good?
With so many options for sizes, materials, and colours, you are guaranteed to find pavers that suits your home. With a huge range of natural stone to choose from, such as granite, quartz, slate, sandstone, bluestone, limestone and even travertine, you’re sure to find something you love.

When it comes to laying them, your options are endless. Choose a traditional pattern for heritage homes, or something more unique if you want to stand out from the crowd. Whatever you choose, it’s easy to transform your backyard into something beautiful.

Designed to last, if you invest in quality pavers, rest assured your home will look amazing for years to come. Whether you need a new driveway or a stepping stone pathway, pavers are the perfect choice.