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Need Stone Paving In Beaconsfield? Yarrabee & Castlemaine Have Sandstone And Travertine Galore!

One of the biggest problems for any homeowner attempting to undertake a home improvement project in the Beaconsfield area is finding high quality products that will ensure it is a success. If you are interested in using stone paving for your upcoming project, you should contact the team at Yarrabee & Castlemaine – we stock a wide range of sandstone and travertine that could be the perfect addition to your home if you know how to use it.

We offer our sandstone in a distinctive 'natural cleft' style, which offers a surface similar to that of slate (with a sandpaper texture). It provides a non-slip surface that makes it perfect for outdoor use, especially around swimming pools. We also offer our sandstone in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as bull-nosed and square edges, to ensure that you can find the perfect type for your Beaconsfield project. We can arrange almost any colour with prior notice.

Stone Paving In Beaconsfield

We source our travertine directly from Turkey, which is renowned for supplying some of the best quality stone in the world. Because it is a particularly durable material, we have found that it is suitable for a wide range of applications in Beaconsfield, both indoors and outdoors. Our travertine is offered in two forms – 'honed and filled' has all of the natural voids filled and ‘tumbled unfilled’ has all of these natural characteristics on display.

Pavers Beaconsfield

When you are next looking for stone paving, it is important that you carefully consider the supplier you will ultimately choose. Yarrabee & Castlemaine, for example, has over 30 years industry experience and employs a team that is committed to making your Beaconsfield project a success. We also boast the best travertine and sandstone showroom in the state, a private designer’s meeting room, competitive pricing and independent testing.

If you have been searching for the best quality materials for your upcoming home improvement project, you should contact Yarrabee & Castlemaine and opt for stone paving. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the products we stock, our sources and how our products can be used to the best of their abilities. Whether you are looking for travertine or sandstone or something completely different, we’re here to help.