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How To Remove Weeds From Between Pavers

Many homeowners are loathe to discover that weeds have sprung up seemingly overnight in the tiny gaps between their pavers. Whilst the best option is to pull them out by hand (making sure that you get the roots), when you are dealing with a considerable amount of weeds you will probably be looking for other options. You can remove weeds from between pavers in the following ways:

  • Pull them out by hand the moment you notice them starting to grow. It is best to pull them out after it has rained, as the soil beneath the pavers will be slightly wet.
  • Purchase a herbicide (ones containing glyphosate tend to work best) and mix it up according to the manufacturer's instructions. Pour the solution into a sprayer and use it to coat the weeds on a windless day.
  • Burn off young weeds growing between your pavers by flaming them with a propane-flaming torch. This will scorch the growths, causing the cell walls to burst.
  • Place the L-shaped edge of a crack-weeding tool into the gaps between your pavers to help you remove hard to reach weeds. Be sure to scrape the tool along the surface to uproot the growths.

Some homeowners prefer to cut the tops off weeds growing between pavers using an oscillating or scuffle hoe, because this poses less damage to the area and does not use chemicals. Whilst this can be effective in removing the weeds, it will require repeated treatments before the growths have been effectively killed off.