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How To Remove Food Colouring From Your Granite Bench

If you are after elegant yet highly durable benches for your kitchen, it is likely that you have been recommended granite more than once. Even though this stone is able to withstand plenty of general wear and tear, it does have a fairly porous surface that is known to soak up any liquid given the chance, including that food colouring you like so much. Fortunately, you can remove these stains with relative ease.

Step 1: The moment you spill or drop some food colouring onto the granite, use some paper towel to quickly blot as much of it up as you can. Try to work from the outside and work your way in; this will help to prevent spreading.

Step 2: Mix together 2 cups of warm water and 2 to 3 teaspoons of a mild dishwashing detergent. Apply this solution to the granite using a clean cloth and rub gently.

Step 3: Rinse the bench thoroughly using clean, warm water and then quickly dry with a clean cloth. You may need to repeat step 2 a number of times until all of the colouring has been completely removed.

Step 4: If you find that some stubborn pigment still remains on your granite, you can remove it by wetting a cotton ball with some bleach (for lighter stone) or acetone (for darker) and gently rubbing at the affected area.

When attempting to remove food colouring and even other stains from your granite bench, make sure that you never pour any chemicals directly onto the surface of the stone. You should always use a cloth or cotton ball of some kind to help prevent your granite from becoming discoloured or even damaged.