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How To Maintain Your Sandstone Pavers

Did you know that, with a few simple cleaning and maintenance tasks, your sandstone pavers can be kept looking their best for many years to come? Whilst this natural stone product is extremely easy to care for, however, you should avoid letting things go for too long. Sandstone that has become infested with weeds, dirt, grime and even mold or algae is extremely difficult to clean.

Basic Care
You must make sure that you regularly sweep down your pavers and that you hose them off on occasion (whilst watering the garden is a good time to just give the stone a squirt). When you notice leaves on the surface of the stone, you should make sure that you rake them as soon as possible, as they can cause staining if it rains. Your maintenance schedule should also include all nearby gutters and downspouts, as this prevents flooding.

If you live in a wet climate or in an area with high humidity, mold and algae growth are a real possibility. You should remove these and other organic stains as soon as you notice them using either chlorine and water or a chlorine-based cleaner. For a more natural cleaner, try using a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar that you can use to scrub at the growths. Never pressure wash your sandstone pavers, as this can damage the stone.

There is much debate surrounding the question of whether you should seal your pavers or whether you should leave them au natural. Many suppliers will recommend that you steer clear of sealing, as some can actually increase the chances of staining and discolouration. It can also prevent moisture that enters the stone from below from escaping. By using a natural-look subsurface sealer, however, you can protect against oil, greasy spills and imbedded stains.

Even though sandstone is known for being a highly porous material, it is also extremely durable and can vastly improve the appearance of your home. If you are interested in using sandstone pavers either inside or outside of your home, you should make sure that you following the above maintenance and cleaning techniques to ensure that it looks better for longer.

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