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How Much Does Outdoor Paving Cost?

When choosing outdoor paving for a project, the cost is likely to be one of your first considerations. After all, you’re sure to have some sort of budget in mind and it wouldn’t do well to exceed it. Determining the cost, however, can be difficult as it will depend on a number of factors. We have outlined some of these in the list below to help you form a better estimate.

Types of Pavers
The first factor to keep in mind is the type of pavers that you have selected, as some are more expensive than others. Stones and colours that are harder to come across will have a higher price tag than those that are found everywhere. If you’re on a smaller budget, we recommend choosing a stone and colour that is more common.

Square Metres
The second factor to consider is how many pavers your project requires (or the square metres). It’s important to carefully measure up the area to be paved – double and even triple check the measurements – to ensure that you know how many you need. It’s also recommended that you order a few more than what you need (in case of breakage).

The third factor to keep in mind is the cost of having the pavers delivered to your location. Some suppliers will include delivery for free whereas others will charge a small fee. The number of pavers in your order and how far away you live from the supplier can also play a role in how much delivery will cost (a rural location, for example, will cost more).

The fourth factor to consider is whether you’ll lay outdoor paving yourself or whether you’ll employ a professional to do this for you. If you take the professional route, it’s important to note that this will add to the cost of the project. You might be comfortable tackling a small project yourself, a larger or more complex one may require help.

Access & Terrain
In some cases, access to your property and its terrain may also have an impact on the cost. When it comes to delivery, a property that is difficult to access for whatever reason may incur additional costs. The same may go for labour (if you have decided to hire a professional). In other situations, there may be no impact on the cost.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of why you cannot simply look up the cost of outdoor paving online – there are a number of factors that will go into determining what you are ultimately charged, so you will be far better off contacting a supplier for a quote. If you would like a quote for paving stones, contact the helpful team at Yarrabee today.