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Can You Paint Sandstone? If So, How?

Sandstone is a highly attractive material in its own right, which is why it is often chosen for indoor and outdoor paving projects. There are times, however, when it may be necessary to paint your sandstone – this can be a difficult thing to achieve, as the stone is fairly soft and brittle. Whilst it is possible to paint your sandstone, it can be a very involved process:

Begin by cleaning the sandstone to remove any dirt or other debris from its surface. Use a cloth to do this, as sandpaper (which is often used to clean other types of stone) can severely damage the surface.

Next, you can apply a coat of a neutral coloured primer and leave it to dry by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a paint spray gun to apply the primer, as it will ensure that it is applied to the sandstone evenly and will find its way into all the little indents and spaces in the stone.

how to paint Indian sandstone pavers

Once the primer is dry, you can apply a coat of latex paint in a colour of your choice to the sandstone. Use the paint spray gun again (having thoroughly cleaned it of the primer) to apply an even layer of paint to the sandstone and to get it into all of the indents and spaces. Allow the paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally, you can finish by apply a clear sealant to the sandstone to protect the paint against any marks, scratches or elemental damage it may be subjected to. After leaving the sealant to dry, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, your painted sandstone is ready to go.