Barwon Quartz

chinese quartz stone

A look for the coast is the stunning Barwon


Barwon Stone Wall Cladding brings warmer tones than the Dunolly and has cut corners to match.

Barwon Stone Wall Cladding is a beautiful yet hard and durable quartz which has soft gold/wheat tones over a light grey base. The flat walling is an average 30mm thick with the back sawn to present a flat surface for adhering to the substrate. Carved stone corners fold around the edges of pillars and wall ends to create the image a solid wall.

The Beauty of this product

  • Colour is a light grey through to golden yellow
  • Complete with carved corners
  • Extremely hard waring and durable

Barwon Stone Wall Cladding is great for:

  • If you are after an attractive and interesting wall cladding option which gives the appearance of a "solid" stone wall at a considerable cost saving, our Barwon is definitely worth a look.

Standard Sizes

  • Random x 30mm
  • Random Corners x 30mm
  • Square Corners x 30mm

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