Barwon Quartz

chinese quartz stone

Light the fire and relax with the brilliant Barwon

Summit Stone Wall Cladding brings warmer tones than the Dunolly and has cut corners to match.

Barwon Stone Wall Cladding is a beautiful yet hard and durable quartz which has soft gold/wheat tones over a light grey base. The flat walling is an average 30mm thick with the back sawn to present a flat surface for adhering to the substrate. Carved stone corners fold around the edges of pillars and wall ends to create the image a solid wall.

The Beauty of this product

  • Colour is a light grey through to golden yellow
  • Complete with carved corners
  • Extremely hard waring and durable

Barwon Stone Wall Cladding is great for:

  • If you are after an attractive and interesting wall cladding option which gives the appearance of a "solid" stone wall at a considerable cost saving, our Barwon is definitely worth a look.

Standard Sizes

  • Random size flats of a diameter 200-350mm and measured in m2.
  • Random size L shape corners with one side 100-150mm, the other side 150-250mm and a height of 100-250mm and measured in lineal metres. 

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