Random Veneer

Castlemaine Random Veneer is selected stone ranging in thickness from 10-20mm.

This product is suitable for both pedestrian paving and and wall cladding. Displaying the earthy natural tones of all the Castlemaine Slate and stone products, veneer adds character to any project.

Standard Sizes:
  • Available as random (crazy) paving only
Light weight for walling
  • Ideal for walling
  • Cost effective natural stone walling option
Castlemaine random veneer is great for:
  • Paving
    Random veneer is suitable for any outdoor paving application, including: outdoor rooms, pathways and other pedestrian areas.
  • Wall Cladding
    The natural, earthy tones of random veneer make it highly suited to any cladding application, from feature walls building façades.
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