Standard Chinese Bluestone

Bluestone is a very hard and durable natural stone. This variety of Chinese Bluestone offers an affordable alternative to the Premium PR Bluestone for the budget concious. It is the standard Chinese Bluestone sold throughout Melbourne.

Bluestone pavers are very hard and durable. The surface of our Standard Bluestone has been lightly honed to remove the bulk of the saw marks whilst maintaining slip resistance for outdoor use.

Standard Sizes:
  • 600 x 300 x 20mm
  • 600 x 600 x 20mm
  • 800 x 400 x 20mm
  • 800 x 400 x 30mm
  • 600 x 350 x 30mm square edged pool copers
  • 600 x 350 x 30mm with 70mm drop faced pool copers
  • 800 x 400 x 30mm with 70mm drop face pool coper
Other sizes to order. Please phone to confirm current stock availability.
Why this product?
  • Extremely hard wearing and durable
  • Available in a range of size options
Polished bluestone is great for:
  • Outdoor paving
    This is a popular material for any form of outdoor paving.
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