Castlemaine Random Paving

Castlemaine Slate is available in many forms. Our random paving is sorted at the quarry into various thicknesses to suit a range of application.

This iconic locally sourced stone has beautiful earthy tones of browns, golds and warmer terracottas over a beige base. Ideal for any form of outdoor paving, pool surrounds etc. Suitable pieces are also sorted to form steppers - approximately 500 x 500mm in random shapes- ideal for stepping stones in garden beds or crushed rock paths.

Standard Sizes:
  • Random Veneer 10-20mm thick
  • Random Standard Paving 20-30mm thick
  • Random Standard Paving 30-40mm thick
  • Random Thick Paving 40-50mm thick
  • Random Thick Paving 50-70mm thick
  • Random Steppers 400-500 x 400-500 and larger
Other sizes to order. Please phone to confirm current stock availability.
Castlemaine random paving is great for:
  • Paving
    Random or ‘crazy’ paving is suitable for a variety of outdoor applications, from winding garden paths to sophisticated alfresco areas.
  • Pool Coping
    The rough texture of random paving makes it a great choice for pool coping and edging, as it will provide a non-slip surface for safety.
  • Driveways
    Thick crazy paving stones can be used in driveway applications with ease, as their density allows them to withstand regular vehicular traffic.
  • Wall Cladding
    Random paving allows you to create an interesting look in any cladding project, as the different shaped stones are fitted together like a puzzle.
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